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Terrarium Making Kit + On-Demand Video


Change up your daily routine and learn to make a terrarium with us! Grab your favorite beverage, unbox your terrarium kit and let us lead you through the process.

Please note that some features mentioned like Live Chat are not applicable for on-demand. This video is 50 minutes in length.

What's included? (please note that all vessel types include the same elements)

    • Glass Vessel
    • 3 Succulents
    • Soil
    • Activated Charcoal
    • Gravel (multiple colors)
    • Moss (multiple colors)
    • Decorative Elements

      Kits ship out every Wednesday.

      What do you need at home?

      • A table covering (this could be a large piece of paper or cardboard, an old kitchen towel, a flat paper grocery bag, plastic table cloth, etc)
      • A large spoon or scoop (this will be used for adding the soil to your terrarium)
      • A small fork (this will be used as a “rake”) 
      • A straw (this will be used to water your succulents)

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