Please note this feature is brand new and we’re working out the kinks as quickly as possible. (headphones STRONGLY recommended to avoid echoes)

When starting our virtual events platform, we quickly identified the need for you to still enjoy this experience with those you care about - even if you’re not in the same quarantine group!

We’re excited to announce the Join Your Friends feature, a private group video chat for you and up to five of your friends,  which will be available for you to use during this livestream. Follow these easy steps below:

  1. Scroll to the bottom of the livestream page.
  2. Click the button that says ‘Join Your Friends’.
  3. We recommend using a specific friend’s phone number as the video room #. You and your friends must enter the same video room # to access your private video room. Once you enter the number, hit enter on your keyboard or click the button that says ‘Join the room’.
  4. Allow permission for the microphone and video camera.
  5. Now enjoy the class with your friends! We’ll be leading the class but we won’t be able to see you or hear what you’re saying. Your room is completely private!

You have the ability to turn off your camera or microphone at any time during the livestream. To leave the room, click the ‘Stop’ button. If you are kicked out of your room at any time during the livestream experience, simply refresh the page and enter the room # again to rejoin.